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Hugh Watson

Hello my name is Hugh A Watson from Thibodaux Louisiana. I strongly believe in Louisiana and it's culture. Having been here all of my life it has inspired me to stay true to my heritage and has sparked my interest into Louisiana Roots music. I have my own version of it in which I like to refer to as, Progressive Soul.

My musical interest seems to have been sparked since early childhood. My mom and dad listened to a variety of music while I was growing up, Beatles, Beach Boys, Bobby Womack, Percy Sledge and the great Otis Redding just to name a few. In my early teens, about 14 years old, I was inspired by these artist and wanted to become one of them. I got a few of my friends together and formed many garage bands.

At the age of 22, in a fit of temporary insanity, I joined the Marine Corp and was stationed in Okinawa, Japan for 2 years. During that time, I was the lead singer for a Japanese band, Murasaki, (the Japanese word for purple) focused on the music from the late 60's early 70's with an emphasis on the music of Deep Purple. The leader of the band was a master in music and he practiced with me until he taught me every note and every key to perfection. For this, I am thankful.

I had a desire to continue with music with all of the tools that I had acquired being a vocalist and the knowledge I had gained studying with a master in Japan. I left the Marine Corps and came back to my home, Louisiana, and joined a band by the name of Masquerade.

Masquerade is a cover band which plays rock genre, we can be seen at the following web site
We also had the opportunity to open for Great White. I played with and still am a member of this band for about 18 or so years now. After loosing interest in the rock genre. There was a part of me that desired the soulful side of music.

I decided to try out for this areas hottest R&B band, Blue Eyed Soul Review and got the position of lead male vocalist. I was a member of this elite group for 3 years. With this group I participated in 3 Jazz fests and has opened for many acts including Percy Sledge and Irma Thomas. While with Blue Eyed Soul I began studying soul music and it's genre. I developed a love for soul due to the emotional attachments and Louisiana roots. I studied feverously wanting to take it all in.

After my stint with Blue Eyed Soul I decided to continue with music and take another avenue, song writing. I have been inspired by so many great talents and artist that I wanted a part of it too. Song writing comes naturally for me and I love the emotional attachment to the music, guess that's why it's referred to as SOUL.

At the present time I am working with a band by the name, The Groove. This band is also a cover band with more of a mix of soul, R & B and some Louisiana based music, Swamp Pop. We can be seen at


I am in the process of recording my first all original Progressive Soul Album, with the help of a fellow soul player Mr. Pershing Wells as my producer. The compilation is near completion and I am very excited to begin marketing my product.


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The music you hear playing is the title cut from my upcoming album "The Drowning Man"

Hugh A. Watson


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